Where the heck do I start?

I have a boyfriend that I am in a very serious relationship with and we may get engaged soon. I am a U.S. citizen from birth in CA. He has been in the USA for a long time but without documentation - along with the rest of his family. We have also had a child, which was born here and is a US citizen. He works a full-time job and we even have a house together, pay bills together, etc. From what I have read online, it seems next to impossible for him to get a green card without having to leave the US and apply from the country he left over 10 years ago - and it seems like there is a lengthy penalty for doing so. Is it even possible for us to get married? What should we do? This is all very overwhelming.

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Marry that guy & submit a form I-130 spousal petition! What are you waiting for!? :grinning:

He will have to return to his country and go to a consulate interview and have a medical exam.

If you really want to know exactly what to do, follow the comprehensive guide on how to get a green card.