Where should I move - Canada or Germany?

Seeking advice / suggestions

Hello, I’m an IT professional (Product Manager) from India planning a move abroad. I have two options ahead of me - Canada and Germany.

I have received a PR from Canada. Although this is the safest immigration option (don’t have to worry about losing resident status and easy citizenship), I’m skeptical about moving to this country at the moment as I hear terrible news everywhere - high inflation, bad housing market, students even struggling to get a part-time job etc. I’m wondering if now is the right time to move to Canada.

Second option is that I can move to Germany on a study permit. I have received admission for a course that would be valuable for my profile. I can also speak German at A2 level and I’m open to upgrading this skill. Although I find Germany to be more affordable and better in terms of labour market, I would still be moving to the country on a temporary visa.

Which option do you vote for? I’d really appreciate any thoughts on this :slight_smile: