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What is the Naturalization interview like?

I have my naturalization interview scheduled for next month. Curious to hear stories from people that have gone through the interview and what is was like? What kind of questions do they ask? What should I bring to prepare. I did my citizenship application on SimpleCitizen and everything has gone great, just a little nervous for the interview.


In your interview, you’ll be asked questions about your application for citizenship and your background.

As part of your interview, you’ll have to take a civics test. This test is made up of 10 questions about the U.S. government and how it works. To pass the test, you’ll have to get 6 of the questions right.

You’ll also have to take an English test during your interview. The English test has 3 parts–speaking, reading, and writing. Your speaking ability will be measured by the USCIS officer conducting the interview. For the reading test, you’ll be asked to read an English sentence out loud. For the writing test, you’ll need to write out a sentence in English correctly.

If you fail either the civics test or the English test, you get one more chance to retake it with your current application. You’ll be retested on the part of the test that you failed between 60 and 90 days after your first interview. If you fail again, you’ll have to submit a new application for citizenship.

Here’s a lot more information about interviews and applying for citizenship.

And, here’s a complete guide on how to apply: How to become a United States Citizen