What documents do I need to bring to my adjustment of status interview?

I got my interview! I prepared my application myself and just got a letter scheduling my interview date (Jan).
What documents should I take with me to the interview? Should I bring originals or copies?

Wish me luck!

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You need to bring ALL the documents that you submitted with your application.

If you used SimpleCitizen to make your application, they usually will mail you a whole folder with the documents you will send out to your local office. Before you send them I would recommend making a copy of this folder. I didn’t think about doing this so I needed to reprint them all from the PDF that they provided.

If you think there are any other documents that will help your case I would bring them too. I brought pictures, a driver’s license ID that I had not provided when I submitted my file and a few extra documents like pay stubs from a job different than the one my husband had when we submitted our application.

Good luck at your interview!