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Went to the USA with the ESTA waiver program, got interviewed by immigration and was rejected. Permanently banned using ESTA again. Now wanting to apply spouse visa.


This happened to my girlfriend about 3.5 years ago. She went to the United States with an ESTA visa waiver program and once she arrived, immigration interviewed her and she got rejected from entering the country. She can’t use the ESTA waiver program again. We got married about 3 years ago and now want to live in the United States with our son(whose now an American).

I’m filling the Form i-130 right now, but I’m worried that she has a record of being rejected from entering the United States. I’m pretty sure it is, but should this be a concern before I send my documents to Texas?


You will need a waiver . All process is simple and straight forward. Make sure to say if she’s been rejected entry in USA.

You can read here

What is i-212 and how to apply: (permission to enter in USA after removal)