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Urgent Help Needed [F4 VISA Category]


Hello! This is my first post here.

The issue is regarding my aunt and her family. They have valid immigrant
VISA (F4 category), issued on 10th March, to enter the USA. [Attached] Due to pandemic they could not travel the USA so far. They bought the tickets for a charter flight, which left Dhaka today for New York carrying almost 300 passengers. However, my aunt’s family were denied to board on the flight and were taken under immigration custody. They all then signed a form regarding departure seal cancellation where refusal reason is stated as “Denied boarding from Department of Homeland Security”.

My question: after Trump’s June 22nd Proclamation, are F4 VISA category holders ineligible to make their entry to the USA?

Please help. I have already mailed to US Embassy- Dhaka and Department of Homeland Security.