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A Guide to Slovenia Citizenship Application Review With Citizensl

As per experts review , Slovenia is considered as one of the safest and untroubled countries where there are the Adriatic Sea and Alps mountains. Slovenia is superior to all others from Eastern Europe in terms of ecological situation and standards of living. It’s a country in central Europe and is the green heart of Europe. Although it is a small country but everyone can find something for them as it has so much to offer. A country has its cozy uniqueness and can rightfully be called the country of one’s dreams. Slovenia is committed to sustainability. It has ancient forests, crystal clear waters, unspoiled nook and corners and amazing biodiversity.

The country has the most picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and smooth lakes, velvet forests where one can live casually and comfortably amid modern civilization. At the same time, social safeguard policies will strengthen one’s faith in the future.

Slovenia is known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes. It is mostly mountainous and forested. The country has a predominantly continental climate. Slovenia is a developed country with an advanced high-income economy. The country ranks very high in the human development index. Slovenia is one of the best performing EU members. It is the perfect green and safe oasis whose magnificence can be felt in its culture, gastronomy and natural wonders.

Ways of Slovenian Citizenship And Immigration Application Process

  1. Repatriation method: through the repatriation method one can obtain Slovenian Citizenship based on the descendants who lived or were born on the territory of the former Yugoslavia before June 25 1991.

A direct descendant of a Slovenian citizen qualifies for a second passport and can live, work and study there as well in other EU member countries without any restrictions.

  1. Naturalization method: One can obtain citizenship through the naturalization process when it is beneficial to the state for scientific, economic, cultural, national or similarly important reasons.

The naturalization process is for those who are not a citizen of a country at the time of birth but still, wants to obtain the nationality of the country.

  1. Residence Permit: One can obtain a residence permit if he/she is continuously living on the territory of the country. It can be attained through a legal entity, work under an employment contract, getting an education, marriage or family reunification with the citizen of Slovenia.

Basic criteria to meet the requirements of these methods are:

  1. 18 years of age
  2. A permanent source of income
  3. No criminal record
  4. Clear tax obligations
  5. He/she must agree with the legal system of the Republic of Slovenia
  6. He/she should not pose any threat to the public order, security or defense of the state.

Citizensl assists in obtaining citizenship in a simplified manner, within a few months. With us, no need not prove thorough knowledge of the Slovenian language for fulfilling the Citizenship Requirements . As well as there is no need to renounce the first citizenship. We will take on the task to prove the existence of Slovenian ancestors of applicants.

Consult our experts and get advice on the procedure. Leave your queries, comments and feedback in our mailbox.