Tax Return Information Required for I-864

Hi SimpleCitizen Community!

I am the sponsor of my father. We are completing an adjustment of status application for him and I will be named as his sponsor for the Affidavit of support on the I-864. The instructions state that I should attach my tax returns for the previous 3 years?!

Is this true? I feel uncomfortable sharing this information with my dad. Any suggestions on what might be accepted as alternative evidence.

Thank you,

A former Swiss Citizen!


Hi Marcel,

From what I understand, you can submit other forms of information about your income, to show documentation. But the USCIS is asking for the Federal Tax Forms specifically. I guess you can be creative, since you HAVE to submit them. You can wait until your father is going to submit the application to the USCIS and you attach your I-864 and tax forms without him looking at them. But this might just end up being even more weird.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Not worth the trouble…IMO


Thank you for giving me some perspective on this. I went ahead and just submitted the tax forms. Will let you know how it goes with updates.