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Staying outside of US as an LPR for almost a year

I left us in July 2020, it was supposed to be a 2 month trip, but due to Covid restrictions, 3 severe lockdowns and the fact that travelling with a baby is more complex during Covid I am still outside of the US. Last month, due to an unfortunate accident I had undergone a surgery and will have several more, ideally I need to stay here for 2 more months. My 1 year anniversary falls for June 29 - and obviously I can not extend my stay being outside. Is there anything I can do to prevent my status from being abandoned or should I just come back, apply for it and leave again. The second option is complicated by that fact that my 18 months old will have to travel with me back and forth. Toddler is US citizen, I got my green card in November 2015. DId anyone get into a similar situation, overstaying abroad recently? Thanks everyone