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Question regarding I485 employer based application EB-3


Hello guys,

I have a question regarding my I485 application EB3 and I hope someone can help me.

My current status is F1 and I filed my I485 in November 2018 with I131 and I765 forms.
My wife and I already received our employment authorization cards with the travel document, and the company that I work for already received their approval notice for their part of the process.
I was informed that my file was sent to the local US Immigration from my state.

So at this point, I have my Employment Authorization card and I’m just waiting for the notice of interview with my appointment.

My question is: Should I keep going (and paying) my school to keep my F1 status? or can I just wait for my interview without going to school?

I’m afraid to leave my school and it may be a problem on my interview.
If someone could help me with that question I’ll really appreciate.
Thank you.