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Please help! I-485 denied. Missed appeal. What are my options?


I married my husband while legally in the US on I-94. We did all fingerprints/biometrics and interview. I received the “work permit” while waiting for the I-485.

Last Oct, I found out via online status, that my I-485 was denied, but the letter never arrived. I did request twice via an online contact form and signing up via email to resend it and tried several times unsuccessfully to get an agent on the phone.

I end up hiring an attorney who called the 800 number with me, and after 1 1/2 hours, an agent answered, but could not tell us the reason for the denial. She confirmed with a ticket number, said that I missed the opportunity to appeal, and that will receive the letter within 30 days.

I understand that the denial could be several different reasons including wrong documentation, and other reasons, or worst, doubt in our marriage. I’m not someone who goes well in interviews, and under pressure, and I think maybe we flopped?.

I read that my work permit is automatically canceled. What are my options?

Please, help!

Thank you so much.