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Petitioner Sponsor for I-864 has gone homeless



Thank you for the opportunity.

I’m the applicant for IR5 visa.The petition was approved in 2015. At the time, the petitioning sponsor, my American daughter, provided her tax forms and signed form I-864. We had to find a joint sponsor as the petitioner did not have sufficient income. We submitted form I-864 for the joint sponsor. Later, I was called for an interview at the Consulate and was told to submit the joint sponsor’s wife’s approval as they file taxes jintlyAt that point I gave up and never sent what they requested. But in December 2019 the consulate sent me a request to appear for an interview. To sum up, currently, they’re processing an immigrant visa for me. I have a new financial sponsor ready. But my daughter, the petitioner has been jobless and homeless for a while.She cant sign or provide any documents. My question is: Can I submit the petitioner’s I-864 which she signed in 2015, with a letter of explanation?