Parking tickets/traffic tickets on I-485

Form I-485 Part 8 - Criminal acts and violations, do I need to answer yes to the below questions if I received parking tickets/traffic tickets in the past? If so, should I explain further in part 14- additional information?

  1. Have you EVER committed a crime of any kind (even if
    you were not arrested, cited, charged with, or tried for that
  2. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, charged, or
    detained for any reason by any law enforcement official
    (including but not limited to any U.S. immigration
    official or any official of the U.S. armed forces or U.S.
    Coast Guard)? Yes No
  3. Have you EVER pled guilty to or been convicted of a
    crime or offense (even if the violation was subsequently
    expunged or sealed by a court, or if you were granted a
    pardon, amnesty, a rehabilitation decree, or other act of

You only answer yes if the traffic violation included drugs or alcohol, resulted in an actual arrest, or the penalty was over 500 dollars.