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O1 visa -> Green Card. I never filed income tax returns! OMG


Hi everyone.
I have already submitted Green Card via O-1 visa with category EB1 (self-petition) since the last year and am waiting Green Card.
I have never filed the income tax return since I entered in US.
And I heard from someone that no income tax retruns jeoardize the approval of Green Card.

Is that true? I am worrying about that now.

If true, what should I do to avoid rejecting my Green Card?


If you have worked in the United States, then you should file your taxes annually. If you missed the deadline, you can still file your tax returns late. You should have a form such as a W2 from your employer. Depending on what you make and the number of allowances you selected, you may find that your withholdings are greater than what you actually owe the IRS. In those cases you would receive a refund check from the federal government. (This is why many Americans don’t delay filing for taxes in the spring.) There are many tax processors such as Turbotax (Non-affiliated) and their competitors to help you with this.