Newly wed woman needs help with immigration questions


I could not find a forum for visa through marriage so I am posting here since it seems to be closest, but please do let me know if I need to move this thread to some other forum. A friend of mine wanted me to post this question for her. She is here in the States through her husband. Even though they are newly wed, she is being mistreated, but she is afraid of losing her chance to stay if she says anything. Her husband did all of her immigration application, and she thinks he may topido her chance of getting her Citizenship. Her permanent residency was just approved. She wants to know if her fear is valid; can she at least try to discuss the marriage situation with her husband without fear of him destroying her chance? What if he was not willing to work towards improving the situation? Is she going to be deported? What if the husband applies for divorce? Does this mean she will have to go back? What if he applies for divorce and contacts immigration with negative comments about her? I know I am asking a number of questions here, if you wouldn’t mind addressing which ever you can. If you address all it would be great. I greatly appreciate your comments.

your chances dont look good as i see pretty much the same story about newly married and domestic violance .people think that marreying a u.s cit is the sure fire thing to citizenship unless your a good bs er you;ll get denied