New I-94 without reentry

So I am doing an I-485, and I don’t know which I-94 I should use. I came on a J-1 visa but changed to a B-2 while here. I haven’t reentered the U.S., so I am curious what info I should put in the admission section of the I-485. The new I-94 or the old one with my admissions info?? HELP!

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Hello @Maurilio.Gonzalez I had this similar situation. It’s easy… for the I-94 questions, use your newest number from the I-94 website but use your most recent entry date. This will be the date that you actually entered US boarder. Your passport should be stamped by a boarder agent. You should also attach an extra page to your application that explains that the most recent entry and I-94 number wasn’t updated on the I-94 website. For me it has always best to give the USCIS more information than they need.