Name and date of birth both different

I have a query about i-130 form. My cousin just became US citizen by naturalization. She is going to apply for her parents to bring them in USA. My uncle visited USA almost 30 years ago. On that time, he filled the form with all the family members details (his wife, children, including my cousin).

When she admitted to school, they use different name & date of birth than the one submitted on that time while my uncle visited to USA.
Today I was checking the form (i-130) with her & found out if the person ever visited to USA, & for my uncle the answer is yes.

Also, there is a field (in both form i-130 & n-400) if the name has changed ever. She did not mention it in n-400. She was 7 years old when my uncle visited US.
Her birth certificate & her marriage certificate both has my uncle & aunt’s name.
Is there anyone who can give us advice what to do for this situation please?



I’ve the same question.