My wife and i is needing help

i am an F1 student who just got married to my wife who is a USA citizen. my wife is ready to fill the form i 130 to petition for me but we having few problems 1. my wife lives and work an hour away from me before we got married and she got a good job where shes lives since i am still in school and i live in the dorm she cant move in with me not yet until i am done with college . but come every weekend. is that gonna be a barrier as the instruction says we should submit documentation showing joint tenancy.what ca i do in this case and what address is she going to use as hers 2. she just started working few months ago and she has never filed taxes. her friend promised to stand as sponsor to her . what category is the friend gonna be and which form is the friend going to summit since she( the friend ) is married and filed taxes with her husband 3. is there a disadvantage filling early as we just got married last month ?