Marriage Based Green Card Interview Questions

I have a few questions about the interview with the USCIS for the Adjustment of Status interview for a Legal Permanent Resident. I have submitted the I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status and I-130, Petition for Alien Relative for my husband who will be the beneficiary and I will be the petitioner.

I have received the approval notice from the USCIS and am trying to get ready for my interview.

I have a few concerns regarding the actual interview:

1. What if my husband, spouse and I are asked to complete the interview
in different rooms?
2. Will we be asked the same exact set of questions?
3. What documents should we bring?
4. What types of questions will be asked?
5. How long do these interviews typically last?
6. Will we get the green card right there after the interview?

Thank you,

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There are all sorts of questions that can be asked during the interview. I have seen several lists that help prepare people for what is going to be asked and how you should answer each question. Here is a great little prep-program.

My green card interview was so easy! It took like 10 minutes and they only asked a few questions. I was expecting way worse. Probably cause my application was perfect! :wink: