Is it better to have more time left on current visa when filing?

The issue is this, my GF of 6 years current tourist entry is ending in 1 month.

Is it better to have more time for all of the paperwork, Eg, we do the marriage and paperwork etc…on the NEXT TIME she enters USA?

Or, does this not really matter? I mean, if 1 month left or 6 months left on her tourist entry, does it matter on any level at all?

The thought I have is that we’ll have more time on her tourist visa while waiting for the adjustment of status to come through, so she won’t be out of status / staying illegally. But, maybe this doesn’t matter at all? Please inform me.

Hello @damian. This question has been asked before. Here is the link. Reach out to us at if you have any other questions. Thanks!