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Is EAD with Advance parole void after green card issued?


The applicant has an Employment Authorization Document with approved Advance Parole (I-552). The applicant wants to depart the US the day after the green card is approved and will be gone for several months. Must the applicant wait for physical delivery of the green card before departing the US or can he return using the I-552? In other words, does the I-552 Advance Parole expire once a green card is approved, but before physical receipt of the green card? Thanks!


Wait and have green card in your possession. Once green card is approved it will be delivered to you withing 4 to 8 days if you are in the US.


Do they have the receipt or the form that the green card was approved.if I had to travel , I would travel with all documents. Someone had a similar situation where the physical green card was expired but they received a notice that the form was received and everything is in processing for the green card. So they traveled with that specific document and the expired physical green card to show.