I haven't lived in the USA for over 10 years, will this be a problem?

I’ve lived abroad for the last 10+ years and have no real recent employment history.

Additionally, I haven’t filed taxes in those 10+ years, but I make less than 10k a year, so would not be required to file or pay taxes.

Still, I could see this being a roadblock…

Importantly, my mother would be willing to file co-support and my wife may be able to show gainful employment. Additionally, I have some significant savings. Not huge, but nothing to sneeze at.

Any sort of major obstacles here?

If you have lived outside the U.S. without income above the required amount for filing taxes with the IRS, you shouldn’t have issues. However, if you have made income above the required amount, then you may need to get an accountant to look into this. In order to petition your spouse, you should have paid all your required taxes. If you have specific questions about this send an email to support@simplecitizen.com

Regardless of getting a joint sponsor, the petitioner needs to be current in their tax payments. In order to sponsor through assets you will need to demonstrate at least 120,000 dollars in assets.

As long as you were not required to file taxes, you should be able to submit your I-485. If you don’t meet the income requirements for the I-485, then you can use your mother-in-law as a joint sponsor. Reach out with any more questions!