I did replacement for my green card

Hello, I’m just worried about my green card. Because last year when I receive my green card I got wrong Information on my card. So I fill up the form to replace it right away, I send the form together with my original green card. And I also did the biometrics last November 02, 2016. And It’s been 1 year now I still didn’t receive my green card. And last October 15 I receive a letter from uscis and telling me that I have to send my orginal green card not xerox one. But I already send the original together with the xerox and original one. I am so worried cause they saying that I have to afill within 87 days or else they gonna denied my request. Please help us and give some advice what shoud I do?

Hello @Joy_Sicio any update here? Have you reached out to the USCIS? If not, you might want to call them or make an infopass appointment to see what is going on. The processing times for a green card renewal are taking up to 14 months right now.