I-864 for parents


I filed two separate I-130 for my parents at the same tine. Now its time to submit I-864 online. My current annual income is above the poverty line for my household size. So I was thinking to file I-864EZ. However one of the conditions of filing EZ states that :

“The relative you are sponsoring is the only person listed on Form I-130;”

Since my father and mother have separate case numbers, how should I proceed

  1. Shall I file two separate I-864EZ,
  2. I need to file one I-864 and listing my father as a “Principal Applicant” in Part 2 and I can list my mother as Family Member 1 in Part 3 of the form since both of them would be moving at the same time.
  3. I need to file two separate I-864 listing both as a principal applicant separately.