How Much Does it Cost to Submit Form I-130?

Updated: 05/02/2017

I 130 form

Filing Form I-130 costs $535 and it can be paid with a check or money order. No matter how you pay, the following two guidelines must be followed:
  1. The payment must come from a bank or financial institution in the United States and be payable in U.S. dollars; and
  2. The payment must be made payable to: U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This must be spelled out and cannot be abbreviated.
If you choose to pay by check, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will use your account information on the check to electronically take the money from your account. Typically, the debit will take 24 hours and will show up on your regular account statement.

Please note that you will not receive your original check back. Instead, it will be destroyed and the government will keep a copy of the check on file.

The I-130 Form is included in the SimpleCitizen Adjustment of Status Application Packet.
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I used a check when I submitted the first application. It was nice to see how quickly the USCIS took the funds out of the account. I was able to see that they had actually received the application and had begun working on it.

But I made the check out US DHS … oops!


Do these fee’s ever change? Where is a list of the Fees on USCIS website?


Here are some links I have found that have information about the fees associated with the forms:

Filing Fees
Paying Immigration Fees


Thanks! This is very friendly and helpful. I have also found the USCIS website to be helpful and have all necessary information.


Is cash deposit allowed with USCIS payment? Is this delivery possible during USCIS interview?


@liweiyao123 you cannot pay anything during the USCIS interview. DO NOT BRING A CHECK TO THE INTERVIEW. You will not even receive an interview until after you have paid the filing fee anyways.

@will_nguyen131313 I have never seen these fees change in the past 4 years that my family and I have been going through this process.

Remember that this is just the Form I-130 fee of $420. Expect to pay $2,000~ in US government fees. Then a couple thousand dollars more in lawyer fees.


All very true :smile:


I made my I-131 check payable to the US department of homeland security and it went right through no problem.


The check for my green card I just stapled to the front of my green card application. I paid for all of the application with one check. So, basically I paid for the government fees for the I-485 government fee and the I-130 government fee and the biometrics exam fee all in the same check. It was better that way.


Confirmed. If you want to make sure that you are submitting the correct application fees, double-check, because the fees have increased. It is more expensive now to submit the Form I-130. The USCIS has increased the fee for the I-130.

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@Admin Do these numbers and fee amounts need to be updated? They seem to be a little out of date…


Looks like those are the most updated fee amounts based on my research.

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Form I-130 costs $535

Hi All,

I encountered a difficult in filing the fees for my I-130 petition from outside the U.S.

does anyone have an idea about how can I pay the fees outside the U.S?