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How much does it cost to renew a Green Card?


There are two separate fees to consider when it’s time to replace your Green Card: The USCIS Processing Fee, and the cost of preparing your application. Here is a brief overview of both costs.

The USCIS Processing Fee, Total: $540

When you file the Form I-90 (the green card renewal form), you have to pay a fee to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). The amount you have to pay can vary based on the reason why you are renewing or replacing your Green Card. If your card is expiring in the next 6 months, you need to pay a fee of $540; this includes the $455 application fee and an $85 required biometrics fee.

Preparation Fee: 3 Options

When it comes to preparing your Form I-90, Application to Renew or Replace a Green Card, you basically have 3 options:

  1. Hire a Lawyer
    Finding an experienced Immigration Attorney is a great way to ensure that your application is filled out and filed correctly. A licensed and experienced attorney is also the only person that can provide you with legal advice if you have specific questions or need extra legal help. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but will typically cost less than $500 to help you renew your green card. Costs can be significantly more if you need extra help or assistance with complicated immigration problems.

  2. Online with SimpleCitizen
    Using SimpleCitizen to prepare your application is the easiest and fastest way to prepare your application correctly. The software that runs SimpleCitizen was built by experienced immigration attorneys and has successfully processed thousands of applications. The website guides you step by step through the entire application and automatically checks for any errors or problems. You can also have your application reviewed by one of SimpleCitizen’s licensed immigration attorneys for only an extra $99. Once you’ve finished your application online, SimpleCitizen prints and ships your application to your address so all you have to do is sign it and mail it to the USCIS.

  3. Do It Yourself
    As always, you have the option to download the Form I-90 directly from the USCIS website. The PDF form comes with instructions to prepare your application by yourself. There is no preparation fee if you choose to prepare your application yourself. It’s important to remember that even minor mistakes on your application can result in very expensive and long delays in your application process.


Where do you send the form after it’s done?


If you’re submitting a paper application form I-90, send it to:

By regular mail:

P.O. Box 21262
Phoenix, AZ 85036

For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries:

Attention: I-90
1820 E. Skyharbor, Circle S, Floor 1
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85034


I need to get my green card first before I can renew it :rofl:


Thank you for the guide. I sent my I-90 few months ago. When will I get green card? Got I-797. Says nothing!