Help! K1/K3 Questions, US Citizen living overseas

I have searched the internet and my situation seems to be more rare than I expected. To make a long story short, I am a us citizen working in Japan with the US Military. I am not active duty, just a civilian. I would like to sponsor my Japanese fiancee to go with me to Japan. The main reason I ask for the fiance visa is because it seems to be the quickest way to get her approved to go to the US.

If I get her approved with a K1/K3 visa, I know she has six months to go with me to the states, get married, and then get her status adjusted. In the case of a K1 visa, a major portion of this involves her staying in the states and waiting for the green card to get processed. However, I will not do that unless I get a job back in the states. At the moment I’m on a work contract here and wanted to sponsor her in the event I need to go back stateside. Is there a way to extend the six months until I have a job stateside? I have seen absolutely no information regarding my particular situation. Thanks!

Unfortunately the 90 days cannot be extended. Once I-129f is filed you have 90 days to get married . If not married within 90 days she would need to return home.

Keep us posted with your decision, Maybe you can get married, and file all the necessary documents and have her stay in the US until the documents have been sorted out. You maybe can travel back and forth.