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H1B still pending for April 2018

Urgent H1-B No result yet Applied April, 2018
Applied H1-B - April 2018
Got RFE - Oct 2018
Replied to RFE - Nov 22, 2018
Applied Premium Processing - Jan 31, 2019
USCIS Rejected Premium Processing stating Decision on your case is made we cannot accept your Premium Processing. - Received it on Feb 11, 2019.
Waited for 10 days in hope of result but no update. Attorney called USCIS on Feb 20, 2018 and raised service ticket for the same. They said you have to wait for 45 days. Called 3-4 times but every time same answer from USCIS wait for 45 days to process the service request. 45 days will be 1st of April.
As they say decision is made but they are not releasing the decision, I don’t know wether I should apply for this year or not. Not really sure what I have to do next.
Any one still waiting for decision? Please any suggestion or help is appreciated.