Green card sponsorship for nurses

Hello everyone,

                          Just need a little bit of advice here. So I am being sponsored by a travel nursing agency and I have been working for them for the past year in California. They told me that they won't deduct my salary and won't discriminate with the salary of the resident and will pay me equally as I deserve like all other. I am very happy about that. The only cost I would need is to hire my own lawyer.  The only issues is that the lawyers told me that I have to show certain amount of salary for being sponsored. I was being payed good until they mentioned about the prevailing wage. So now I am being taxed in my stipend too which is fooding and lodging that I get as a travel nurse. Normally travel nurses dont' get taxed on stipends only the hourly pay. I was wondering shouldn't gross income is the one that would matter whether it is taxed or not. Or do I need to tax everything just to show them that everything is part of my salary? I am so so confused now since I am being taxed in everything. while my friends are saying as far as the gross income shows will all that matters for being sponsored. Please advise if anyone!!

Most USCIS forms ask for your AGI, or “Adjusted Gross Income.” Generally you want that number to be 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for your household. Depending on the form you filed, 1040, 1040X, 1040EZ, etc, your AGI will be located in a different box. (Find out on Google.) If you filed with Turbotax or H&R Block, you can usually find your AGI on their site.