Filling Out Form G-325A

Form G-325A is a one-page form with several lines that request different information both about yourself and about the applicant who you are filing for. The lines will request the following information:

  • Lines 1 and 2: You will include personal information about yourself, including your full name, sex, date of birth, citizenship/nationality, any other names that you use (i.e. previous marriages), where you were born, and your social security number (if you have one).
  • Line 3: On this line you’ll provide the name, date of birth, place of birth, and city and country of residence of your mother and father.
  • Line 4: Here you’ll provide the name of your current husband or wife (if you are married), their date of birth, city and country of birth, the date of your marriage, and where you were married.
  • Line 5: If you have any former husbands or wives, you will include their name(s), date(s) of birth, date(s) and place(s) of marriage, and date(s) and place(s) where you ended the marriage(s).
  • Line 6: This is where the information is no longer about you, the petitioner, and instead is about the applicant. Specifically, line 6 will ask you to list the applicant’s residences in the past 5 years starting with the most recent.
  • Line 7: On this line, you’ll provide the exact address where the applicant has lived outside of the United States for more than 1 year. It will also ask when they lived at this address (including the months and years).
  • Line 8: Here you’ll list all the applicant’s past employers over the last 5 years, beginning with their present or most recent employer.
  • Line 9: This line is for the applicant’s last occupation abroad if it isn’t included in the information you provided on Line 8. If it is included above, simply write “Included Above” in this space.
  • Line 10: As the petitioner, you are submitting the form in connection with the application for a spouse or other relative. In this space, you will indicate “Other” and write “in support of [applicant’s name’s] Form [Form name].”
  • Line 11: If the applicant is from a country with a native script, such as Thailand, Russia, Korea, or another country, they should write their name in this space using their native script.
  • Line 12: You will not sign in this space. Instead, you will write your name again and where is asks for “Alien Registration Number” you will write “None” (unless you have also applied for a green card or other immigration benefits in the past). If you do have an A number, you should write it here.

@Admin - Do you have a video or graphic that explains this a little better? I have been checking out some of the articles but they seem to be very similar to this.

What do I put for the A-Number?

The G-325A is a pain to fill out. Also if your going to fill it out on your own, don’t forget to attach an addendum is you have too much info for such a small amount of space! I didn’t know you had to do that until I saw that SimpleCitizen did it. :slight_smile:

@e_alford_spicegirl according to the USCIS, the A-number is the alien registration number, which the Department of Homeland Security assigns to each alien. It is an “A” followed by eight numbers.

Looks like this:

Best of luck!