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Fiance visa or spouse visa?


US citizen here with my S.O. abroad. We met a few years ago, but have put off the wedding until we settle our immigration situation. However i just had a baby and became a US citizen in October. during the entire relationship i have been traveling to stay with him a few months and then coming back. im ready to stop and just stay in one place for a while, but with my s.o.
i dont know what to do now, or what petition has the faster processing time.
should i file for him as a fiance k1. This way i file for him here and then travel back to him. We can stay abroad with him threw the whole process. or
fly back to his country, get married. then come back to the us and file for him as my spouse? how long would that take and how long will we be apart.
the last part is important as we have a little infant baby girl and she loves her dad. i want my family together.


Hello, Is it possible for him to come to USA without any immigrant visa? If so, let him come is USA without the immigrant visa. Then get married in the states, and do adjustment of status. If u get married outside of USA then he needs to wait 12 - 14 months to get a interview date.

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