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Family Based Green Card Help - Translator

Can I bring a translator with me to the interview with the USCIS? My wife doesn’t really speak English very well. I can speak French fluently. However, my question is whether or not the USCIS will accept me translating for my wife during the interview? Will we need to hire a translator to come with us? Do they need to be accredited with the USCIS? During the interview can a friend come along to translate?

Any answers would be much appreciated.

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The USCIS will not give you access to a translator or interpreter at the adjustment of status or green card interview in the US. There also is no option to specifically choose a USICS officer that speaks French. I do know that a few of the officers speak Spanish and other languages but you are not able to request them either.

Here are the requirements for your interpreter or translator with the USCIS:

1. More than 18 years old
2. Fluent in both English and French
3. US Citizen or Green Card Holder
4. Cannot be the same person as your petitioner
5. They do not have to be licensed or professionally trained

Hope this helps…