Extension - Renewal with L1B Visa

Hello my friends,

I have overstayed my L1B visa. I am originally from Apodaca, Mexico. I am living in California while on my L1B visa. I entered through LAX and received the correct I-94 form in the USA. My wife was in the USA with me for 6 weeks. She used an L2 Visa. Is there an opportunity for us to renew the L1B visa for me? Do I need go to the Consulate outside the US? Will the USCIS decide my approval of the L1B Visa Extension? Will the fact that I have overstayed my visa affect my chances of getting the renewal?



The L-1B Intracompany Transferee for Specialized Knowledge is a tricky case. You should be able to file the extension by submitting an I-539 and an additional extension for petition to work with an I-129. The link for these forms is here:

You should have a chat with an attorney about how to best strategize your new application for the L-1B and L-2 visas.