ELIS System USCIS & Green Card Renewal

I was able to get my green card through an AOS (adjustment of status) 2 years ago with my husband.

I am now getting ready to file the I-90 to get the removal of conditions and I am thinking about using the ELIS system with the USCIS.

Has anyone done this before? Thoughts?

Anyone know how long this is supposed to take and what I can expect as far as how clunky the portal is?



I was able to use the ELIS system through the USCIS, This program is up for renewal this year with the USCIS. I found that this was not necessarily faster than not using the ELIS systems. The interface was a little clunky and I got frustrated trying to enter in all of my data.


Thank you Fred! I appreciate this answer. I have decided to just send in the application directly to the USCIS

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Fred is correct. The ELIS system is good, there are slight difficulties, but it is an option in this situtation. I agree, very clunky.