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I am in L2 dependent visa I have applied for my employment authorization document application (EAD) for my work permit on Nov 1st 2018 , On Nov 15th I got a rejection stating " Form G-28 Rejected Because It Was Improperly Filed" I applied my application myself and I dont have an attorney. But Without knowing I attached my Husband G28 form which he used wile applying for his L2 visa. Now how to proceed further. Can I ignore this rejection and wait for the process of my application or do I need to send G28. But I completed my application by myslef and why should I send a G28 by contacting the Lawyer?


The G-28 form is included with the application only if a lawyer or an accredited representative help you complete the paper. Since you did it by yourself you do not need the G-28 form.

Work authorization form I-765
Extend Stay/change status I-539

Try calling the customer service number for USCIS or if you have a receipt number try writing and letting them know that form G-28 was sent in error. Or try to resend the correct form without the g-28 form with a letter of a short explanation. Especially if you payed a fee already.