Deportation: What happens to my minor kids

Dear Forum Members,

I am a US citizen and am going thru a divorce. If my ex-wife, who does not have any immigration status gets deported, what happens with my two minor kids who were born here in the States

I imagine you’d be a single parent then. As US citizens, you and your kids can’t be told to leave the US. Your ex, without status, can. As for custody, it will be hard for her to set anything up, if she is deported.

Sounds like there’s more to the story.

  1. Does she have her LPR(legal permanent residence)
  2. Why not take care of your status before the divorce
  3. Was there any abuse involved?( there’s different documents she can file .
    I would need to know the complete story.

She does not have a green card.
she was married to me to get her papers and now we are separated soon to be divorced. So yeah, she is not able to adjust her status thru marriage.
There was no abuse involved, even though, she is claiming domestic violence, but there is no police reports, or evidence to back her claim up.

Thanks for the information