Criminal Background and Green Card Application

My situation:
21yr F, Canadian citizen. Married to US citizen and trying to do Adjustment of Status.

I have recently begun working on the paperwork to get my green card and started to get worried about the questions on the Form I-485. There are questions in that application about my criminal background.

I am disclosing fully that I received and was convicted of a DUI in March of 2006. This is something that I am not proud of but I did all of the community service and paid the fine.

My question is this. Since I marked “Yes” to the question about “Have you ever been arrested?” what sort of documentation should I include?

I have mountains of paperwork connected with my case.

Which of the following documents should I include with my Adjustment of Status for the Green Card application:
Arrest record
Judge Decree
Final Disposition
Fine payment receipts
DUI school completion certificate

Thanks in advance


Best to chat with an immigration lawyer about this sort of thing. They will know what you should do in your given situation.

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