Canadian permanent residence in Toronto

Hi, all

I just have few queries regarding the Canadian permanent residence in Toronto. Can you just help me out with those? I would like to list few of those here.

  1. Do we need to demonstrate proficiency in both the official languages of Canada?
  2. Do they value North American work experience?
  3. Is it mandatory to submit all necessary documents with the application package?
  4. Must I visit Canada before applying for immigration?
  5. Who must the principal applicant – my spouse or myself?

I came to know that I should hire a lawyer or a consultant to immigrate to Canada. If so can anyone suggest the best consultant?

Thank you in advance.

First, you should determine if you are eligible to become a lawful permanent resident of Canda. You can use this tool to determine eligibility. Now to answer your questions.

  1. Language requirements depend on the eligibility you are applying under. For example, the minimum language requirements to apply for permanent residency under Canadian Experience Class depend on occupational requirements. Applicants must prove this ability in terms of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Other classes of eligibility are not as strict. You are not required to prove ability in both English and French. It is either or.

  2. Again this could depend on your eligibility class. If you are applying under eligibility through Canadian employment, you should be employed in Canda. Here are the general requirements outlined on Canada’s immigration website:

To apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class, your skilled work experience must:

  • be in a job classified as skill type 0, or skill level A or B according to the 2011 National Occupational Classification,
  • amount to at least one year of full-time (or an equal amount in part-time) in the previous three years,
  • have been with an employer in Canada (self-employment does not count),
  • be gained with the proper legal authorization (for example, as a documented worker with a valid work permit), and
  • not be gained while you were studying on a student permit.
  1. You will find a list of required documents on The Canadian Immigration Website. Again, the documents required will depend on your eligibility class. Some of the documents that are required for all classes of applications include
  • birth certificate
  • photo ID
  • passport photos
  1. This again depends on your eligibility. If you are applying via employment, you should be employed in Canada. If your spouse is a Canadian citizen, you may apply from outside Canada. Take that quiz and find out which class you would apply through. Depending on the class, you may or may not need to be in Canada. Kepp in mind that processing times depend on which class you apply under.

  2. Take the quiz. Your spouse may be eligible for a class that you are not. Whoever has eligibility will be the principal applicant. ( i.e. If you are employed in Canada and are applying via employment, you will be the principal applicant.)

You can apply without a consultant, however, if you want to use one, I suggest you look at reviews and find one for a good price. SimpleCitizen currently doesn’t have a do-it-yourself application for residency in Canada. Once we do, you will be the first to know!

Reach out if you have any other questions! best of luck.