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Hi all, please bare with me on this, my mother is a American citizen when she was 12 years old my Nan and Granddad separated and she was moved overseas to the UK. and lived here ever since. My mum has never had duel citizenship or gave up her nationality. I recently applied for a American passport what got declined under section 301g would i be able to challenge the decision? Also all my family live in America and my mother is moving back early next year as my Father recently past away. If i cant appeal the decision would i be able to go over and apply for a green card and work permit? or do i have to do it all before i go? I have a fixed address in America and i would have to work asap as i’m a highly skilled roofer/wall cladder.
Any advice on this matter would be great… Thanks in advance

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Try to contact an immigratìon lawyer for your case

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Hi Andrew,

If you are indeed an American citizen, then you have no business applying for a green card or work permit. You should instead be working on gathering the evidence that you are a citizen!

If you’d like to pursue this, I’d be happy to help. It’s one of the things immigration lawyers like me do. Just find me and send me a message.

Take care,

Zack Westenhoefer

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