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B2 Renewal in-laws

My husband sponsored my In-laws for a B2 visiting visa in 2012 and is due for renewal. Everything he provided on the forms was true and accurate. He is a physician and wanted to bring them to visit and take them on vacation. On their second visit they came because I had given birth to a child to see the grandchild. I was home and my spouse was at work. While he was at work they were verbally abusive to me and tried to work even though they had a visa. My father a retired doctor tried to dispense medical advice as far as caring for my son and my mother in law tried to dispense advice on how I should care for the baby. There were other things they did illegally like taking my son out without my permission. My spouse was not aware as he was at work and they were not abusuve in front of him. I did tell him they were breaking the visitor rules and he advised them to stop. On their last visit I myself told them they cannot break their visa terms. My mother in law threatened me.

I was advised to let the immigration or department of travel know. My fear is I don’t want my spouse to be in trouble as he has not done anything illegal or abusive. His parents only are fraudulent. Also I don’t want anybody to know I reported them.