Am i allowed to stay while i wait for my green card?


I am married to a LPR back in Jan 7, 2017. My priority date is 29 Aug, 2017 and we have filed I-485. I am now in the US with a B2 visa, I went for my biometrics appointment on July 30, 2018 and have not hear from USCIS since. My visa will expire on 10/07/2018, so my question is am I allowed to stay in the US while I wait for my green card or do I have to leave? I did not file for I-131.


If you filed the I-485, YOU NEED TO STAY in the country. Otherwise, your I-485 will be canceled. Your status is now I-485 pending. You need to remain in the U.S. until a decision is made on your status.


Hello Ezekiel88, since your visa expiring date has already past. Did you ended up staying in the US? How’s you case going?