Alien Number & ELIS Number - What Are they?

Hello People, I have been working on my immigration application and have noticed a few questions about the A number the Alien Number or the A# what are these numbers? When do I get an Alien number? Is the alien number on my visa? Is the A number on my green card? Where?

Also, where is the ELIS number? Is the ELIS number on my visa or when I create an account here? What is the ELIS number? Please help me. thx


I think that you get the alien number after you get the green card. I think this is also called the USCIS #. It is usually 8 or 9 digits and can be found on the Green Card and also on the EAD card.


Is the alien number the same as your naturalization number?


@patkimball2000 No, they are not the same. The Alien Number and the USCIS number are the same thing. This number is found on the front of your green card, is 9 digits and starts with A#.

The naturalization number is found on the actual naturalization certificate.

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@patkimball2000 @suttlecap.marry.2277 Make sure that you are not confusing the alien number, USCIS number, ELIS number, naturalization number, and I-94 number. Many forms from the USCIS are asking for many different numbers and trying to get the correct one in the correct spot can be a pain.